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Terms of Use Terms of Use
Terms of Use

By entering the Designated CEPA Website (hereinafter referred to as this Website) and any of its web pages, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

Copyright Notices

This Website is established and maintained by the Economic and Technological Development Bureau, the Legal Affairs Bureau and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute of the Macao SAR Government. Contents in this Website (including texts, graphic design, images, photographs, data, and compilations of other information and programs etc.) are protected by the laws of Macao SAR and relevant international agreements on copyright.

Without prior consent from the departments establishing this Website, hypertext links cannot be connected.

Content copyrights of the other web pages which linked to this Website are owned by related websites. Opinions of the copyright owners must be consulted before copying such copyright works.

Reproduction and Redistribution of Contents

Any part of the Contents in this Website, can be reproduced or redistributed for non-commercial use after appropriate acknowledgement is stated. However, users must ensure the accuracy of the Contents reproduced; the Copyrighted Contents of this Website, in whole or in part, is prohibited from being commercially reproduced or redistributed in any way without the written permission from the departments establishing this Website.

No revision of the Contents is allowed no matter it is for commercial or non-commercial reproduction and redistribution, unless written permission from the departments establishing this Website is being granted.

If the Contents to be reproduced are subject to copyrights held by third parties, it is necessary to seek permission from the third-party copyright holders. Users should follow the copyright notice of the third parties.

Use of Statistical Data

Part of the Contents in this Website is published in numbers. Users can apply these numbers for further computation and statistical calculation to obtain new figures. Should users have to post those figures, source and methods of computation or statistical calculation in obtaining the new figures have to be acknowledged and stated.


Information contained in this Website is for public reference only. This Website exerts all efforts to ensure the accuracy of the Contents, but neither undertakes any explicit or implicit guarantee and promise on the Contents, nor whether the data contains computer viruses. The Contents in this Website are provided on “as is” basis. Users should verify the materials on their own accord.

Departments establishing this Website are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by the Contents or reproduction and redistribution of the Contents. Departments establishing this Website reserve the rights to delete, suspend or edit information of this Website at any time without prior notice.

When a link from this Website to an outside website is selected, you are leaving this Website and is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of the outside website. Departments establishing this Website shall not be liable for the Contents contained in an outside website that is linked to this Website nor damage or loss of any kind as a result of the use of Contents contained in those websites.

Internet users must know that certain risks might exist in the transmission of information over the Internet; it might be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties; or might encounter termination, pause, delay of transmission or erroneous data transmission under circumstances beyond control of departments establishing this Website. Departments establishing this Website shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such risks.

For your convenience, this Website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites with downloadable software. Departments establishing this Website shall not be liable for any questions or difficulties encountered nor consequences arising from downloading or installing such software. Please be reminded that use of any software downloaded from the Internet is subject to restrictions and limitations of the licensed agreement. Breach of the licensed agreement might infringe the intellectual property rights of the related software provider; departments establishing this Website shall not be liable for such circumstances.

When you are using the web services, no matter on this Website or other websites through hyperlink connection, please read the terms of use carefully.

Changes of the Terms

Departments establishing this Website reserve the right in modifying the Terms at any time. The revised version is published on this Website and the terms are binding to users since the revision date as shown on this page.

Notice of Use Viewing Notice
  • Display of webpage varies depending on the browser used.
  • For the optimal result of visualization, please use 1024x768 screen resolution and Internet Explorer 8.0. or above versions.
  • For viewing the flash effect, users need to install Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Players.
  • For viewing certain documents including downloading forms, users need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5 or above versions.
  • This Website uses Unicode UTF-8 coding, if the browser's default coding is not Unicode, or "Auto Check" is not selected, garbage might appear. Solutions are:
    • o Internet Explorer users can select "View/Encoding/Unicode (UTF-8)" from the menu.
    • o Firefox users can select "View/Character Encoding/Unicode (UTF-8)" from the menu.
    • o Opera users can select “View/Encoding/Unicode/UTF8" from the menu.
Terms of e-Service of Designated CEPA Website

When using “e-Service of Designated CEPA Website” (hereinafter referred to as e-Service), you are agreeing to and bounded by the following Terms.

1. Modification of the Terms

Departments establishing this Website reserve the right to modify the Terms. Revised version will be published on this Website and is bounding to users starting from the revision date.

2. Computer and Communication Equipments

Obtaining and maintaining appropriate equipments for using the e-Service is at users’ own costs.

3. Provision of e-Service

E-Service is an additional service for users’ enquiry provided by departments establishing this Website. For any reason that the e-Service cannot be accessed, users should enquire through other means (such as making verbal or written enquiries).

Before data is being transmitted through e-Service, users must check to ensure that the information is correct.

4. Bearing of Responsibility

Users should bear the risks of using e-Service. Departments establishing this Website are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or inability to use e-Service, or any loss or damage caused by obstruction or delay in the provision of service.

Departments establishing this Website will adopt all appropriate procedures to ensure that the enquired information provided by e-Service is accurate are regularly updated. Data enquired by users via e-Service is for reference only, it cannot be regarded as conclusive evidence of the fact that subject data is involved.

5. Expenses and Charges

The e-Service provided by Designated CEPA Website (hereinafter referred to as this Website) such as inquiries or related services will not be charged except administrative expenses prescribed by Law.

Users have to bear any costs, charges and expenses imposed on the telecommunication equipment and devices/appliances in using Internet for the provision of e-Service or related services provided by telecommunication companies and/or Internet service providers for these equipment/devices, including but not limited to additional fees, international calls and roaming charges (if any).

6. Suspension and Termination of Service

Departments establishing this Website may, either totally or partially suspend or terminate e-Service for any reason (including but not limited to network failure such as malfunction, repair, modification, expansion and/or work improvement etc. caused by related telecommunication companies and Internet service providers) by the time they think it is appropriate without prior notice. Departments establishing this Website do not have any legal liability or other responsibilities for Suspension and Termination of e-Service.

7. Service Conditions

Departments establishing this Website reserve the right to expand or reduce the range of e-Service.

For the effective functioning of e-Service, departments establishing this Website have the right to make appropriate restrictions.

Users can use e-Service within the time indicated by the departments establishing this Website. Departments establishing this Website have the right to change the time of e-Service without prior notice to users.

Security Information

Even if the e-Service provided by this Website has very comprehensive security measures, you still need to pay attention to the following points to ensure safely use of online services.

1. Safeguard your personal computer
2. Internet
3. E-Service
4. E-mail
5. Types of scams when using the Internet

1. Safeguard your personal computer

  • Do not use pirated software, which may conceal flaw or computer viruses.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your personal computer, and update the software regularly to avoid being harmed by computer viruses or personal information being stolen.
  • Install a firewall on your personal computer to detect and prevent unauthorized login and update it regularly to ensure that your data is protected by the most advanced technology. For the selection of the most suitable firewall, please check with your software provider.
  • Download and update the security facilities to your computer regularly in order to protect your computer against known security problems.
  • Close the webpage immediately if you suspect that it is not provided by departments establishing this Website. Do not follow any instruction on the webpage but notify the departments establishing this Website immediately to follow.
  • After completing the operation, you should sign out from the e-Service and clear the storage memory (cache) in the browser immediately.
  • When you are using e-Service, please do not depart from the respective facilities.
  • Please do not open another browser window and navigate to another webpage when using e-Service.
  • Please do not use e-Service on a personal computer which can be shared by multiple people.
  • Please make sure that the function "File and Print Sharing" is switched off during surfing, especially when surfing via a broadband network.
4. E-mail
  • Departments establishing this Website will not require personal information from users through e-mail, including username and password.
  • If you are unsure of the e-mail source or you are in doubt of its origin, please do not open / execute the annexes in the e-mail and delete related e-mail immediately.
  • Pay attention to scam e-mails, such e-mails might disguise to be sent from trusted business partners or friends, but in fact inveigling you to download a virus program or sign in a false webpage for taking important information, including username and password.
5. Types of scams when using the Internet
  • Fraudulent website
    To mislead that users are in the genuine website and require users to enter personal information.
  • Hoax e-mails
    These are usually junk e-mails containing hyperlinks to a sign-in webpage requesting online password from users. The login page appears to be the official website, but in fact it is fraudulent.
  • Trojan software
    The Trojan Horse is a type of codes deliberately attached to the software. Swindlers will install this software on the customer's computer to collect customer’s data. "Keystroke logger" is a type of Trojan software that can monitor and track the data entered by customers via keyboard (such as username and password), and transmit the data to unauthorized parties.
  • Spy program
    "Spy program" generally refers to programs or software that can read the records and monitor the systems, database and e-mails of other people’s computer systems via the Internet. The program will collect personal information of users such as e-mail addresses, user passwords, and even credit card numbers etc. These software are usually hidden in free programs. When you use those free programs, the spyware will be downloaded to your computer without drawing any attention.